Midlands Track and Field League – Wyndley 3rd August

Results of Saturdays meeting are here.
A great all round team performance.

We finished 4th on the day and 5th overall which will mean that unfortunately next year we will be back to Division 4.

Lets hope that next year we can get more jumpers, pole vaulters, hurdlers and steeplechasers, as that will make things much easier for us.

There are very many great action photos on the Club website (flickr) taken by Marc Kirsten. Thanks Marc.

There were new Club records , Personal Bests and Season Bests set at the meeting.

Lorna Foster Shot win



Lorna Foster
W55 Discus 26.27m (was 25.75m set by Lorna earlier this year)
W55 Shot (4Kg) 7.67m (was 7.58m set in 2018)


James Ward Junior (Under20)
Discus (2Kg) 37.96m (was 37.74m set by James earlier this year)


Sherri Smart Discus
Georgia Delaney 400m
Hannah Smith Hammer
Megan Evans Equals High Jump
Emma Cavendish-Tribe 800m
Asha Dacres 100m

Sam Caswell 100m
Rob Andrew M55 1500m
Ollie Shepperd 3000m


Megan Evans Long Jump/Triple Jump
Hannah Smith 100mH Equals
Lucy Carey 1500m
Charmaine Riley- Nelson 100m
4x400m Relay Team Georgia Delaney, Ellen Humpherston, Caitlin O’Connor, Lucy Carey.

Joe Martin 400m
Shaun Evans 3000m
Kevin Brown Shot (7.26Kg)

There were also 19 first place finishes !

Asha D 100m B
Megan E Long Jump A, Triple Jump A
Lorna F Discus B
Chrissie P Hammer A
Hannah Smith Hammer B

Sean Evans 3000m win
Nick P 100m A, 200mB
Kane H 100mB, 200mA
Shem N 400mA
Joe M 400m B
Fred T 800m A
Shaun E 3000m A
Ollie S 3000m B
James W Discus A
Kevin B Discus B

The 4x400m relay splits were:

Women 3rd 4.31.9.
1 68.7
2 68.2
3 65.5
4 69.5

Men 1st 3.33.3
Kane H 55.5
Fred T 52.4
Shem N 51.1
Nick P 54.3
Clearly Kane and Nick were taking it easy as both of them along with Shem are sub 50 secs guys.

A special thanks to our officials/helpers.

It takes a lot of effort to get everything ready for a large meeting like this.

They were Derek Prince, Chrissie Prince, Charlie Prince, Fiona Smith, Ian Smith , Kath Smith, Hannah Smith, Ruth Dobbins, Jane Fleming, Nigel Underwood, Phil Pollock, Chris Jennings, Katie Jennings, Sherri Smart, Ernie Eames, Arnie Evans, Mrs Evans (Megans Mum), Barry Overy, Marc Kirsten.

An extra special thanks to Derek and Ian for giving the water jump a major clean up on Thursday, welly boots and all. It hadn’t been used for a few years and was in a bit of a state.

Photos below of the winning 4 x 100m team (Kane H, Shem N, Nick P and Sam C) and the winning 4 x 400m team of Kane H, Nick P, Fred T and Shem N with team manager John Topliss.

Report by John Topliss.

4 X 100 JULY 2019




Midland Veteran’s League North Division – Wyndley, 31st July 2019

Results are in for the last Masters meeting.

Midland Veterans League North Division RSC 31 July 2019

Well done to everyone who competed.

There were several age group PBs which we have listed below.

Jennie Lloyd 200m/800m
Fiona Smith Long Jump
Maureen Lewington Shot Put

Martin Clutterbuck 200m/800m
Rob Andrew 800m
Peter Parker 800m
Barry Lloyd 3000m
Simon Corker 3000m
Dean Lucas Triple Jump
Roy Humpherson Long Jump

A special thanks to all our officials and helpers:
Derek Prince, Chrissie Prince, Ruth Dobbins, Jane Fleming, Nigel Underwood, Trevor Brown, Megan Evans, Fiona Smith, Ian Smith, Kath Smith, Hannah Smith, Phil Pollock, Marc Kirsten, Arnie Evans, Megan’s Mum.
Apologies if we have missed anyone.

We have apologized to all the competing clubs regarding the absence of starting blocks due to the padlock being changed on the storage unit and no one present having a key.

Finally just to remind you that the League Cup Finals will be taking place on August 31st at Nottingham about which we will be sending full details once received.

Report by John Topliss

Nicholas Pryce – New 200m PB and Silver Medal at AAA Champs

Nicholas Pryce, who is coached by Joe Caines, was in outstanding form this weekend in the English Senior Championships in Manchester Sportcity.

On Sunday he won a silver medal in the 200m final in a time of 21.14, in far from ideal conditions and running into a minus 0.8m headwind.
This would have been a new PB for him had he not recorded 21.13 in his semi with a minus 0.7m headwind.
His previous legal PB was 21.30. Earlier in the day he comfortably recorded a 21.48 in his heat.

On Saturday he finished 5th in the 100m Final with a time of 10.66 into a minus 0.6m headwind. A very close finish with the second place getting 10.62.
His qualifying times in the heats and semis were 10.87 and 10.80 also into headwinds.

His final time of 10.66 is very close to his handtimed PB of 10.6 set back in 2014, which is also the Club record.

Full results here.

Well done Nicholas !

John Topliss

Midlands Track and Field League – July 6th

Results from the 3rd T&F League match are available here.

A special thanks to our officials Ruth, Jane, Derek , Fiona, Ian, Arnie and Sherri. A busy weekend for all of them with the Heart of England meeting at Wyndley on Sunday.

There were many excellent performances by our rather small team.
Last meeting is at Wyndley on Saturday 3rd August, where we all have to show what it really means to compete at our home track.

As far as we can see there were 3 new Personal Bests.

Asha Dacres in winning the B 200m. A 0.7 secs improvement.
Cerys Deakin in the 400m.
Sam Caswell in the 100m.

Great running in all of the relays.
Both the Mens teams were very close to the Club records (just 0.1 secs off the 4x100m relay). The handover between Nick and Kane was the best we have seen by any of our teams. Wow!

The 4x400m relay splits were (Thank you Ruth)

Georgia 70.2
Megan 76.1
Cerys 72.1
Caitlin 69.6

Kane 53.9
Alex 52.3
Shem 50.6
Nick 48.0


Other Info.
Kevin Brown, who won the Discus at Telford, and also won the Discus at the Masters Inter Area meeting (representing the Midlands) at Coventry earlier in the day!

Report by John Topliss.

Results Round Up – June 2019

Midlands Masters – June 9th

Sunday 9th June, we had three athletes competing in the Midland Masters Champs with excellent performances.
They are:

Lorna Foster W55.
Hammer 2nd 28.63m – New Club record (was 28.53m held by Lorna)
Shot Put 2nd 8.76m
Discus 2nd 24.32m

Kevin Brown M50
Discus 1st 43.08m – New Championship Best Performance !

David Price M75
Javelin 2nd 22.20m

Midlands Track and Field League – June 16th

We had some excellent results from our rather small team (we had 27 empty scoring spots) so lets hope for a better turn out for the next meeting at Telford on Saturday the 6th July.

We had 3 of our athletes who are over 55 covering 9 events between them so lets go for it.

We could not see any new club records and just found one equaled PB which was Georgia Delaney in the 400m but that was hardly surprising considering the variable weather.

RSCAC was able to put out all 4 relay teams, and our two mens teams took first places in both relays.

A special thanks to our officials: Jane Fleming, Katie and Chris Jennings, Fiona and Ian Smith, Sherri Smart, Arnie Evans, Maureen Lewington and Sandra McDonald.

Full link to the results will be posted here when available.

We had some athletes competing in other meetings at the weekend.

BMC Events

Shaun Evans ran a splendid PB time of 14.42.69 at the BMC Grand Prix 5000m in Loughborough.

Elsewhere at the Tipton BMC race on Tuesday the 18th, Joseph Martin won the 800m A Race, and smashed his own 800m PB by a whopping 1 sec (in the process breaking his own U17 club record), in a time of 1.55.0.

Some high caliber middle & long distance performances from both athletes.

YouTube Playlist

We have a Youtube playlist here.

If you know of any videos featuring club athletes, email the video link to rscac1973@gmail.com so they can be added to our playlist.

John Topliss.

Midlands T&F League – Abingdon 16/7

Although we had a few last minute withdrawals due to injuries, the 21 athletes who competed put in some outstanding performances.
The mens 4x400m relay team of Kane Howitt (52.4), Alex Jones (50.7), Shem Nelson (49.9) and Nicholas Pryce (48.7) finished in first place and set a new Division 3 record of 3.21.7 (was 3.21.9) and also a new Club record ( was 3.24.5 set in 2016). Prior to 2016 the club record was set in 1989.
The mens 4x100m relay team of Cameron Harris (first time competing in Senior League), Nicholas Pryce, Shem Nelson and Kane Howitt finished in first place and set a new Club record of 43.4 (was 43.7 set in 2016).

Up to a couple of years ago the record was 44.1 also set in 1989 which I was in.

Kane Howitt set a new Division 3 Record in winning the 200m in 21.6 (the old record of 21.8 was set by Kane at the previous League meeting at Coventry).
Additionally there were ten first place finishes ,five second place finishes and four third place finishes.
1st Places
Kane Howitt  100m (10.80) Equals PB, 200m ( 21.6) PB.
Nicholas Pryce  200m B (23.4), 400m (50.1).
Shem Nelson 400m B (51.7).
Shaun Evans 1500m ( 4.02.7). A very comfortable win for Shaun.
Kevin Brown Discuss 42.34m (Seasons Best).

Katie Ingle  1500m 4.31.7 .PB (was 4.34.72). Also a very comfortable win for Katie.

1500m, Katie Ingle
1500m, Katie Ingle
Chrissie Prince Hammer 40.63m.
Sherrie Smart Hammer B  30.66 (Seasons Best).
Second Places
Nicholas Pryce 100m B (11.0).
Kane Howitt Long Jump B 5.32m.
Alex Jones 800m 1.59.7 (Another sub 2 from Alex).
Jake Underwood Triple Jump 11.26m.
Hannah Smith 100mH 20.1 Seasons Best.
Third Places
Charmaine Riley -Nelson 200m B 27.8 Seasons Best.
Hannah Smith 400mH 84.9.
Ellen Humpherston 800m 2.27.5 PB (was 2.32.1).
Janice Pryce TJ 9.26m.
Lorna Foster Discus B 22.79m.
Additional PBs
Shem Nelson Javelin!
Alex Blackham 5000m.
Lucy Keig High Jump (Equals PB).
Fiona Smith Long Jump.
Additional Seasons Bests
Jake Underwood Long Jump / High Jump.
Kevin Brown Hammer.
Joella Spencer 100m and 200m.
Charmaine Riley-Nelson 100m.
Janice Pryce Javelin.
Fiona Smith Javelin.
As well as Cameron H we had two other Under 17s competing in this League for the first time: Lucy Keig and Ryan Humphries. Great to have you on board.
A special thanks to our officials: Nigel Underwood, Ian Smith, Derek Prince, Sherrie Smart, Fiona Smith, Charlie Prince and Maddy Underwood.
I hope I have not missed anyone.
The link to the full results will be posted here when available.
Let’s have a strong turnout at the last league meeting which takes place on our home ground at Windley on Saturday the 5th August.
John Topliss

English Schools Champs – 7/8 July

The club had no less than 4 athletes at the English School Championships, at Alexander Stadium on Friday and Saturday .
They were all representing West Midlands Schools  and put in some excellent performances.

Results are in :

Junior Boys
800m Joe Martin 1st in Heat 4 ( 2.03.90 ) 4th in Final (2.03.05)
ESAA BadgeJunior Girls
Hammer Megan Sharman  5th 38.43m.    New Club record!
Javelin   Jasmine Walker   7th 36.37m. New Club record!
Senior Girls
Hammer Chrissie Prince 10th 38.70m.
Full results on the ESAA website.
Well done to Joe, Megan, Jasmine and Chrissie.
We are all proud of you.
John Topliss

Midland Veteran League – 7 June

The Midland veteran league meeting took place at Alexander Stadium on Wednesday.

Some great performances from the 13 athletes who turned out for us with several World Class performances !

There were several PBs  and one new Club record .

Lorna Foster set a new W50 Club record of 29.40m with the 3Kg Hammer.

Personal Bests were set yesterday by :

Fiona Smith 2000m Walk.

Paul Jenkins 3000m.

Paul Baker 200m and 800m.

Daniel Musson 800m.

A big thanks to our officials: Ruth, Nigel and Phil.

The next meeting is at Burton on Wednesday 28th June.

John Topliss

Midlands T&F League – 4 June

The T&F club squad put in a battling performance on Sunday, at the Midlands T&F meeting in Coventry.

We finally finished in 5th place with our very small team which had a super team spirit..

There were 14 events in which we had no athletes competing, but all of those who were able to make it put in some great performances resulting in twelve first places, nine second places and three third places.

Well done to everyone of you.

We spotted the following new personal bests.

Shaun Evans improved his 800m best by almost 5 seconds in winning the B 800m. In doing so he dipped under the symbolic 2 minutes mark, with some great front running (1’58.6).
This was the day after setting a new PB in taking first place in the 3000m at the BMC  PB Classic at Milton Keynes  !
The sprinters men did the magic treble, by winning both A&B races of the 100m, 200m and 400m. Well done Nicholas, Kane and Shem.
Kane also set a Division 3 League record for the 200m in 21.8.
Hannah Smith set a new PB in the 400m Hurdles, as did her Mum Fiona in the 200m.
A special thanks to our officials, RuthJaneDerekIanSherri, and Arnie who gave us the maximum points possible.
Power of ten results here
League Standings will eventually appear here.
The next meeting is at Abingdon on Sunday July 16th, with the last meeting at home on Saturday 5th August.
We are capable of a mighty comeback in this league, so lets get really strong teams out for both these meetings.
John Topliss