Results of Saturdays meeting are here.
A great all round team performance.

We finished 4th on the day and 5th overall which will mean that unfortunately next year we will be back to Division 4.

Lets hope that next year we can get more jumpers, pole vaulters, hurdlers and steeplechasers, as that will make things much easier for us.

There are very many great action photos on the Club website (flickr) taken by Marc Kirsten. Thanks Marc.

There were new Club records , Personal Bests and Season Bests set at the meeting.

Lorna Foster Shot win



Lorna Foster
W55 Discus 26.27m (was 25.75m set by Lorna earlier this year)
W55 Shot (4Kg) 7.67m (was 7.58m set in 2018)


James Ward Junior (Under20)
Discus (2Kg) 37.96m (was 37.74m set by James earlier this year)


Sherri Smart Discus
Georgia Delaney 400m
Hannah Smith Hammer
Megan Evans Equals High Jump
Emma Cavendish-Tribe 800m
Asha Dacres 100m

Sam Caswell 100m
Rob Andrew M55 1500m
Ollie Shepperd 3000m


Megan Evans Long Jump/Triple Jump
Hannah Smith 100mH Equals
Lucy Carey 1500m
Charmaine Riley- Nelson 100m
4x400m Relay Team Georgia Delaney, Ellen Humpherston, Caitlin O’Connor, Lucy Carey.

Joe Martin 400m
Shaun Evans 3000m
Kevin Brown Shot (7.26Kg)

There were also 19 first place finishes !

Asha D 100m B
Megan E Long Jump A, Triple Jump A
Lorna F Discus B
Chrissie P Hammer A
Hannah Smith Hammer B

Sean Evans 3000m win
Nick P 100m A, 200mB
Kane H 100mB, 200mA
Shem N 400mA
Joe M 400m B
Fred T 800m A
Shaun E 3000m A
Ollie S 3000m B
James W Discus A
Kevin B Discus B

The 4x400m relay splits were:

Women 3rd 4.31.9.
1 68.7
2 68.2
3 65.5
4 69.5

Men 1st 3.33.3
Kane H 55.5
Fred T 52.4
Shem N 51.1
Nick P 54.3
Clearly Kane and Nick were taking it easy as both of them along with Shem are sub 50 secs guys.

A special thanks to our officials/helpers.

It takes a lot of effort to get everything ready for a large meeting like this.

They were Derek Prince, Chrissie Prince, Charlie Prince, Fiona Smith, Ian Smith , Kath Smith, Hannah Smith, Ruth Dobbins, Jane Fleming, Nigel Underwood, Phil Pollock, Chris Jennings, Katie Jennings, Sherri Smart, Ernie Eames, Arnie Evans, Mrs Evans (Megans Mum), Barry Overy, Marc Kirsten.

An extra special thanks to Derek and Ian for giving the water jump a major clean up on Thursday, welly boots and all. It hadn’t been used for a few years and was in a bit of a state.

Photos below of the winning 4 x 100m team (Kane H, Shem N, Nick P and Sam C) and the winning 4 x 400m team of Kane H, Nick P, Fred T and Shem N with team manager John Topliss.

Report by John Topliss.

4 X 100 JULY 2019




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