Nicholas Pryce, who is coached by Joe Caines, was in outstanding form this weekend in the English Senior Championships in Manchester Sportcity.

On Sunday he won a silver medal in the 200m final in a time of 21.14, in far from ideal conditions and running into a minus 0.8m headwind.
This would have been a new PB for him had he not recorded 21.13 in his semi with a minus 0.7m headwind.
His previous legal PB was 21.30. Earlier in the day he comfortably recorded a 21.48 in his heat.

On Saturday he finished 5th in the 100m Final with a time of 10.66 into a minus 0.6m headwind. A very close finish with the second place getting 10.62.
His qualifying times in the heats and semis were 10.87 and 10.80 also into headwinds.

His final time of 10.66 is very close to his handtimed PB of 10.6 set back in 2014, which is also the Club record.

Full results here.

Well done Nicholas !

John Topliss

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