Results from the 3rd T&F League match are available here.

A special thanks to our officials Ruth, Jane, Derek , Fiona, Ian, Arnie and Sherri. A busy weekend for all of them with the Heart of England meeting at Wyndley on Sunday.

There were many excellent performances by our rather small team.
Last meeting is at Wyndley on Saturday 3rd August, where we all have to show what it really means to compete at our home track.

As far as we can see there were 3 new Personal Bests.

Asha Dacres in winning the B 200m. A 0.7 secs improvement.
Cerys Deakin in the 400m.
Sam Caswell in the 100m.

Great running in all of the relays.
Both the Mens teams were very close to the Club records (just 0.1 secs off the 4x100m relay). The handover between Nick and Kane was the best we have seen by any of our teams. Wow!

The 4x400m relay splits were (Thank you Ruth)

Georgia 70.2
Megan 76.1
Cerys 72.1
Caitlin 69.6

Kane 53.9
Alex 52.3
Shem 50.6
Nick 48.0


Other Info.
Kevin Brown, who won the Discus at Telford, and also won the Discus at the Masters Inter Area meeting (representing the Midlands) at Coventry earlier in the day!

Report by John Topliss.

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