Over the weekend of the 27/28th July, Vici Richardson took part in the Adidas Thunder Run at Catton Park,Derbyshire.

Vici Richardson
Vici Richardson

The event is staged over 24hrs and involves running as many laps of the 10k trail course as possible.
Vici took part with a friend as a team of two and together they endured the blazing heat in the afternoon followed by relentless torrential rain throughout the night,
which made running in the dark all the more challenging.
By the end of the race at midday on Sunday they’d managed a staggering 9 laps each totalling 180k (111.8 miles!).

If you want to take part next year (but you have been warned), the website can be found here.

Well done Vici.

One thought on “Ultra Running – 27/28 July

  1. Vici, Did you use starting blocks? Wow thats a lot of 100metres. Well done rather you than me.John T

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