Calling all members…

If you can help at Wyndley on Sunday it would be very much appreciated.  

The event starts at 11.15 am, so we are setting up at 9.00 am.  We need to get hurdles out, set up long jump/triple jump boards, get the pole vault and high jump out, check the bar height of these, find all the relay change over flags and batons, find the scales to weigh throwers’ implements, put up the club tent, set up the sound system….Clearly there is a lot to do, so the more help, the better.

At 5.00pm we’ll need to put everything away, so any help at 5.00pm would also be greatly appreciated.

And if you can stay to help in between we’ll be able to use you: in the coffee bar, raking pits/collecting shot putts, putting out hurdles, taking refreshments to officials, running results from timekeepers to the announcer, pinning results up.  If you can stay, we’ll happily find you a job.

Hopefully see lots of you on Sunday. GO TEAM RSC!

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