President Ernie Eames

Today we honoured our dearest Ernie by awarding him the position of Club President.  We were blessed with nice weather, great company and delicious cakes!  Ernie is one of the club’s founding members who has volunteered avidly for the club in many roles (coach, committee member, treasurer, official, team manager and competition manager) since the club’s inception in 1973.  Thanks for EVERYTHING you’ve done for RSCAC over your 48 years’ service Ernie.  And thank you Val for all the hours you’ve allowed Ernie to give up for our club.  

100 Club March Draw (draw made by Mrs. Mills)

£50 Alex Buchanan (75)

£30 Sally Knell (2)

£25 Ruth Dobbins (46)

£15 Trevor Brown (55)

£15 Ian Riley (13)

£15 Barry Overy (32)

Congratulations to all our winners and thankyou to everyone for your support. Apologies in advance to all you lucky winners, because of the present situation it will take a little longer than usual to get the cheques to you. Numbers still available – for information email  

Many thanks. Stay safe and well.

£100 Won in 100 Club Draw

CONGRATULATIONS to Micky Browne, the winner of £100 in this year’s 100 Club Single Number Draw, with ball number 14.

A big thankyou to you all for your support of the 100 Club which raises money for club funds.

Numbers are still available – a snip at £16.20 a year. Email for further information.

Please stay safe and well and have a wonderful Christmas.

New EA Guidance – Seniors Take Note

Hi all. Updated RA guidance.

❗Seniors, please note: Over 18s living in Tier 3 cannot travel to another Tier 3 to train or compete (unless for individual training – so if a senior is training alone, they can cross to another Tier 3.) Over 18s who are disabled and coaches can cross to another Tier 3, inline with rules for u18s.

For U18s, training is the same as before Lockdown 2.

Matt Stenson

To all of you involved in DIY…

Matt is a well respected and long standing member of the Senior men’s squad. Yesterday, he was doing some DIY work at his house, which involved being up a ladder. Very unfortunately, he fell and ended up in Heartlands Hospital with 3 broken ribs, 3 fractured vertebrae and damage to pneumothorax. The things people will do to avoid cross country running!

We all wish Matt a very speedy recovery.