Weekend Roundup

British Champs Manchester:

Nicholas Pryce put in a great run in the televised heats of the 200m to finish in 4th place with a time of 21.74 into a negative head wind of minus 0.9. This is his best legal outdoor time for the year but not quite good enough to qualify for the final. Incidentally on July 1st he was voted Scholar of the Year at Staffordshire University for his athletic achievements. Well done Nicholas.

Masters Meeting at Nuneaton:

Two new Club records were set at this meeting both of which are very close to the British Records.
Janice Pryce set a new W60 Club record in the Triple Jump with 8.83m. (The British record is 9.09m) . She also recorded 16.41 in the 100m . This was Janice’s first meeting of 2020.
Kevin Brown threw the 1.5Kg Discus 48.74m which is a new M55 Club record beating his old record of 41.93m and is also superior to his M50 Club record of 47.76m. It is also very close to the British record of 50.15m set in 2003.
Lorna Foster (W55) threw the 3Kg Hammer 30.41m for a Seasons best . On checking this result I have found the Lorna set a new CLUB record on the 21st Sept 2019 at Sheffield of  33.20m. Additionally at Nuneaton Lorna recorded 24.57m in the 1 Kg Discus and 8.13m in the 3Kg Shot.
Well done to Janice ,Kevin and Lorna.

Trafford Meeting:

Frederic Tremblay (M40) set a Seasons best in the 800m with 2.01.90.  Well done Frederic. 

A great weekend for our athletes.
All the best. John T

U11s Endurance Squad: WATER BOTTLES!!

We are aware that the weather has been very warm recently, to say the least! Some athletes have consequently begun to bring water bottles with them.

This is against the rules that were established when we returned to training after lockdown when, for Covid-related reasons, we stipulated that NO bottles were to be brought by athletes.

Some athletes bringing bottles is likely to cause problems with those that have adhered to the rules, and furthermore we do not wish to risk bottles being carriers of the virus.

There is sufficient evidence in the running world that hydration is not an issue with the length and type of training that we do.

During the day of training, it is imperative that parents ensure that their children are sufficiently hydrated in preparation for the session. If this is done, there should be no need for athletes to bring water.

In case ONLY of emergency, the coaches will have a bottle of water.

We thank you in advance.

100 Club Winners – July Draw

What could be better than a 100 Club win in a global pandemic! Congratulations to the below:
£50 no.15 Ally Jarvis
£30 no.38 Fiona Smith
£25 no.55 Trevor Brown
£15 no.90 Trevor Brown
£15 no.75 Alex Buchanan
£15 no. 2 Sally Knell
The draw was made by 2 neighbours of the organiser.
Winners’ cheques are in the post.
Apologies to our March winners for the delay in receiving your cheques.
Thanks to all for your support.
Numbers are still available, anyone interested contact John Mills for information – johnmills12@yahoo.com