Posted by Jo Homer

The West Midlands Schools Championship is tomorrow (22nd January). The event is being held at Warley Woods.

If your school has not entered you there is still an opportunity to compete by registering on the day. Below is the course map/distances. The race times are as follows.

TIMETABLE/approx. distances:

  1. 10.00am Year 7 Girls 1900m
  2. 10.20am Year 7 Boys 2500m
  3. 10.40am Jun Girls (Yr 8/9) 2500m
  4. 11.00am Jun Boys (Yr 8/9) 3200m
  5. 11.20am Int/Sen Girls (Yr 10/11 + 12/13) * 3200m
  6. 11.40am Int/Sen Boys (Yr 10/11 + 12/13) * 4800m

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