Hi Everyone,

At Nuneaton on the 16th at the aptly Open meeting called “Night of 800m PBs” our athletes recorded seven PBs which is a fantastic result.

Sian Duval U17 2.26.31 PB (was 2.28.2)

Bethan Eve Homer U17 2.30.03 PB (was 2.31.10)

Martha Wood U17 2.30.40 Very close to PB.

Elizabeth Fox-Payne U15 2.33.88 PB ( was 2.42.3)

Eva Cartwright U15 2.40.73 PB (was 2.46.14 )

Elizabeth Warne U15 2.47.42 First ever 800m

Isaac Cartwright U15 2.17.74 PB (was 2.26.0)

Noah Homer  U13 2.22.03 PB (was 2.28.38)

William Stead U15 2.25.64 PB (was 2.37.38)

Congratulations to all our athletes and coaches .Well done to you all.

All the best. John T

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