Some slightly lighter news to share tonight. Here are the English Schools’ Cross Country results from Saturday.

Very well done to all those who were selected to represent their county.

West Midlands

Junior girls:
109 Bethan Homer (2nd scorer for West Mids)
263 Martha Wood (3rd scorer for West Mids)
272 Francesca Allen (4th scorer for West Mids)
280 Emily Symes (5th scorer for West Mids)
288 Charlotte Prince


Junior Boys:
221 Ethan Cook (5th scorer for West Mids)

Inter girls:
90 Lucy Carey (Top scorer for West Mids)
220 Elsa Buchanan (4th scorer for West Mids)


Inter boys:
212 Ethan Patel (5th scorer for West Mids)

Senior girls:
289 Emma Cavendish Tribe

ES 2020 Emma


Inter girls:
118 Sian Duval (2nd scorer for Staffs)

Senior girls:
259 Caitlin O’Connor

One thought on “English Schools’ Cross Country Result from Saturday

  1. Well done to everyone for great performance. But a special congratulations to Emma, well done coming back after Telford incident, proves how brave you are 👍👍

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