The track and clubhouse (including toilets) will be open on Tuesday. Training will take place as usual but there will be no use of shared equipment. This includes bibs. Athletes are advised to wear their own bright clothing if they are in a distance group.

The clubhouse will be open for access to toilets etc., but entry will be controlled and may be restricted to a few at a time.  Spare clothing and bags should be left in the stand (on the track) instead of in the clubhouse. 

Training fees might be collected on a table outside the clubhouse.

Only individually wrapped snacks will be sold – no pick and mix!

Athletes, coaches and volunteers are reminded to follow existing good practices of: regular handwashing, covering a cough with a tissue and not wiping their face with unwashed hands. We advise everyone to wash their hands before and after training and bring any hand sanitisers with you.

Please stay away if you have a cough or fever.

Please continue to check the website and RSCAC socials regularly so you receive all updates.

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