The first sprint competition in the Midlands this year saw five RSCAC athletes competing in the 60 metres.

Bethany Connolly and Lola Woodward (both lower u 15) ran well in their debut 60 m races, with Beth recording times of 9.01 and 8.86 and Lola 9.17 and 9.08.

Isabelle Male (upper u 15 girl) was the fastest in her age group in times of 8.05 and 8.07.

David Iliffe (upper u 17) ran a PB in his first race 7.58, followed by 7.59 in the second.

John Furber (first year u 20) ran well in his debut 60 m race with a time of 7.49.

While this was happening in Birmingham, Nicholas Pryce (senior) was competing in Manchester, recording 7.09 in the 60m (3rd) and 22.56 in the 200m (3rd).

A great start to the season.

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