At the final Sportshall of the season, Royal Sutton put on a great show. Thanks to everyone who came out in the snow to compete tonight. There were too many first, seconds and thirds to mention – well done to everyone!

As it was the last meeting of the year, there were medals awarded for the best overall perfornances. And Sutton won lots of them…

U11 Boys
2 Lap – Harrison North
Long Jump – Harrison North
Speed Bounce – Jayden Humphreys
Triple Jump – Alfie Hall
2 x 2 Lap – Jacob Harris & Julien Nansseu
6 Lap Paarlauf – Joe Haines & Jacob Harris
Hurdles Relay – Trevaun Fagan, Jayden Humphreys, Julien Nansseu & Harrison North

Betty Downes award for an athlete who alwas turns up, tries their best and supports others on the team – Harrison North

U13 Girls
2 lap – Isabel Male
Vertical Jump – Jayda Ogwulu

U13 Boys
8 Lap Paarlauf – Ethan Cook and Thomas Delaney
Shot – Scott Randall

U15 Boys
2 Lap – Zavier Moore
Triple Jump – Zavier Moore
4 x 2 Lap – Gideon Akinuolie, Praise Akinuolie, Zavier Moore & Matthew Parry

U15 Girls
WINNERS OF THE OVERALL TROPHY! The U15 Girls from Royal Sutton scored more points than any other club. Excellent team work and very well done to: Eve Cutis, Grace Curtis, Cerys Deakin, Ameile Dennis, Halle Drysdale, Jess Dunn, Grace Fennell, Isabelle Fennel, Tricia Kamolom and Zoe Trevis.

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