MuninderOn a very hot Saturday at Doncaster Muninder Singh Hayer had the perfect last competition prior to competing in The World Racerunning Championships in Denmark from the 9th to the 15th July. in blazing sunshine and with temperatures well over 30 degrees, he competed over 200, 400 and 800 metres over the space of 5 hours. He set New World Records over 200 and 800 metres knocking 1.5 seconds off the 200 record and 5 seconds off the 800 record. In addition he set a new PB over 400 metres. This was just about the perfect preparation for Denmark and he is travelling with high expectations of winning Gold Medals and further improving theses records. Muninder’s Coach Graham Felton is now working with Muninder on final preparations and a few last minute tweaks and is confident that he will have a very successful championships.

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