Isabel Male, u 13 girl achieved a new club record in her 60 m debut (8.5 seconds). Isabel recorded the second best time of the day in heat 3 of the 60 m race. Moving up the rankings, to heat 1 in the 100 m, she recorded the best time of the day 13.46 seconds.

Aaron Oshenye, u 13 boy ran well in both the 60 m and 100 m, very narrowly missing out on personal best times.

Daniel Olatundun, u 15 boy ran 8.01 seconds in his 60 m debut. Daniel achieved a considerable improvement in his time for the 100 m, a PB 12.25 seconds.

Rachel Iliffe, u 20 women, achieved a PB in both her 60 m and 100 m race.

A great start to the season!

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