The results for the last lower YDL are still to be finalised, but with two events and the officials points to be accounted for the team were well ahead and it seems certain that they will be promoted, as they were in a strong position after the first three competitions.
Many congratulations to athletes who have trained hard all season, as this has certainly paid off with the vast majority gaining new PBs. Thanks to parents and to club volunteers for their continued support at competitions.
Promotion will bring with it new challenges as the clubs in the higher division tend to set higher standards; athletes will need to focus on their own performances rather than those of the athletes around them. For parents, it will mean giving up more time as the clubs are from a wider area – Telford, Stoke, Nottingham, Stafford and Coventry (based at Warwick University).
Thanks again to everyone involved. I’m already looking forward to next season!

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