Would you be able to help the club out at competitions by becoming an official? You would be helping the club out massively because we get points for qualified  officials (we did in fact get promoted this year in the Heart of England League when our officials points were added on!) You could do timekeeping,  field judging (raking a pit, measuring how far a jump/throw is) or track judging (checking athletes stay in lane, checking batons are passed in the right box, making sure everyone runs the right number of laps in distance races &ordering runners as they cross the line).

If you think you can do any of these…can you attend the course on either:

15 March at the Pingles Leisure Centre, Nuneaton or

21 March at Aldersley Leisure Village in Wolverhampton

The club will pay for you to do the course. Please email rscac@hotmail.co.uk if you are able to help out and specify if you would rather be a track judge, field judge or timekeeper.  Or ask for Meg Evans at the club for more info.

Merry Christmas!

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