36598085203_d8ab562fbf_oA great effort by everyone who raced last weekend at the Midland Road Relays in Sutton Park. We had teams across the age groups and some fantastic performances:

  • U13 girls – 8th (A team); 12th (B team)
  • U13 boys – 12th
  • U15 girls – 10th (A team); 32nd (B team)
  • U15 boys – 32nd
  • U17 women – 13th (A team); 23rd (B team)
  • U17 men – 20th
  • Senior Women – 12th (A team); 76th (B team)
  • Senior Men – 42nd (A team); 77th (B team)

Congrats in particular to Katie Ingle who recorded the 10th fastest time of the day in the senior women’s race



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