Muninder_and_GrahamMuninder_Gold_1 Graham Felton reports on a fantastic day for Muninder Singh Hayer at the CPISRA World Games in Nottingham:
“Muninder Singh Hayer yesterday won Gold at the CPISRA World Games in Nottingham. In addition he also set a new World Record (subject of course to ratification). Muninder is an F31 Seated Club Thrower and this was his first International Competition.
Muninder is part of a very successful England team competing at these games and in spite of his nerves, the wet weather, and having just 2 weeks to get used to his new throwing frame he rose magnificently to the occasion and realised the first of his ambitions.
He will have 3 more competitions this year before settling down to a hard winter training schedule, aimed at getting him to the level needed for selection for The Paralympic Games in Rio next year.
This Gold Medal is the first at International Level. No doubt there will be more to come as Muninder is still only 20 years old and only started training 18 months ago.”

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