Hi Everyone!

Please find the below results of the League Cup Finals at Stoke yesterday. Our small team of Andrea, Sandra, Fiona, Lorna, Richard, Graham, Paul, Ed, David, Kevin and yours truly put in some great performances with quite a few pbs and two new club records from Graham. We ended up in third place in the C Cup Final although a few of the performances would have won the A Final and several would have finished in the first three.

Ed competed in 5 events which he says is good preparation for the British Masters Decathlon which he competes in at Alexander Stadium on Sept 20/21st for which we all wish him a great competition. We will all be cheering for you!

It was great to see Sandra competing again after 2 years absence.

Paul had us all shouting out for him in the Combined Finals M40 1500m . Fifteen meters down from the first two at the bell he went storming past them at 200 meters and just kept going away from them. What a run! I am told it compares to my lead off leg of the 4x100m relay. Seriously it was great to be running again.

Kevins victory in the M35 Discus was an inspiration to us all as he has two slipped discs and today is in hospital for a procedure to ease the problem. Very shortly Kevin moves into the M50 age group when the Discus drops down to 1.5Kg. New club records beckon.

Grahams club M65 records are
  • High Jump 1.10m (replacing Jhalmans 1.04 set in 2004)
  • Hammer (5kg) 23.27m ( replacing his record of 22.73 set earlier this year)
Well done Graham!
On the final day of the European Championships Fred T got a silver medal as a member of the second placed French M35 4x400m relay team (you can see a picture of Fred with the team on the club Twitter page) and Donald B added a bronze to his three silvers as part of the M45 British 4x100m relay team (a drop down in age groups for Donald) . Well done Fred and Donald!!!
In talking with David Price yesterday I realised that I had missed his M70 throws with the 500 gram javelin for club record purposes since in a very few of Davids competitions he is able to throw the correct javelin for his age. We therefore have a new M70 club record: David Price M70 Javelin (500g) 33.32 m (2010). A belated well done David!

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