Kane HowittJohn T reports from the senior athletics match at the weekend:
Hi everyone. A super team effort on Sunday. The results are now on the Power of Ten, although we will have to await the final position until the Midland Counties publish them.
I must admit I thought we would really struggle as we had a few last minute withdrawals (for good reasons) and my team declaration sheet became decimated. However the support I got from everyone to fill the gaps was outstanding, from athletes, parents and supporters. The noises of encouragement to our athletes was super for which I thank you all. My aim this year has been to remain in this Division and I hope when the points are finally published we will be on target to achieve this. We have two more meetings to go so lets keep up the performances and the team spirit.
There were some new club records set and here are the details.
  • Mens 4x100m Relay team of Elliot Walker/Nicholas Pryce/Nicholas Mbewe and Kane Howitt in 44.0 secs. This beats the old record of 44.1 set back in 1987 , the team then was Steven Moulton, Nigel Hamblin, James Simmons and a very handsome 44 year old JT. I have thought of various reasons to disqualify the team (wrong colour baton, vests not tucked into shorts, running too fast, etc) but all of these have been rejected so the record stands. Seriously though well done guys – its about time .
  • Connor Notley set two new Under 17 Boys records with the senior implements in the Discus (2Kg) 29.49 and the Hammer (7.26 Kg). Well done Connor!
  • Charlie Hornby set a new Under 17 Boys Javelin record with the Senior Javelin(800g) of 39.71m.Well done Charlie!
  • Fiona Smith set a new W50  record with the 4Kg Hammer of 25.30m actually throwing further than her W50 record with the 3kg Hammer. Great stuff Fiona!
Ruth has kindly provided me with the 4x400m relay splits. They are
  • Men Nick M 53.1; Nick C 57.5; Kane 57.3; Nick P 48.1
  • Women: Megan M 70.2; Georgia C 69.1; Charlotte N 68.2; Megan E 72.3
I will finish by reminding you all  that the last two meetings are Sunday 6th July at Wyndley and Saturday 2nd August at Banbury.
All the best for now. John T

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