Stafford half marathon - Dave LongThe marathon runners were back out again on Sunday, although it was only 13.2 miles this weekend – barely worth getting out of bed! There were no fallers at this half marathon but there were plenty of complaints about the headwind. Steve Marklew showed he is returning to form with a great 7th place finish. Matt Stenson also had a superb run to break 90 minutes for the first time. Results for Royal Sutton runners below:

  • Steve Marklew – 1.18.24
  • Russell Simpson – 1.21.31
  • Dave Long – 1.22.13
  • Colin McAuley – 1.22.55
  • Paul Terleski – 1.27.56
  • Tony Hinchley – 1.28.00
  • Subodh Dave – 1.28.25
  • Matt Stenson – 1.29.55

Photo of Dave Long from


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