Nick P 400mWOW, Keep your fingers crossed but following everyones great performances yesterday the provisional results show we finished the meeting in second place which puts us in second place in the League and will give us promotion as long as we do not get any crazy dqs. Super Duper. The results are attached below and show that in yesterdays meeting the Men finished in second place and the Women in sixth place which put us into second place on the combined scores. The final League position after the 4 meetings becomes.
1st Leicester 23
2nd RSCAC 18
3rd Abingdon 16 1/2
4th Solihull 16
5th Leamington 16
6th Dudley 12 1/2
7th Kidderminster 10

Andrea 3kFor those of you who I persuaded to take on extra events at the last minute you can see it was all worth it . Thats you Lucy, Andrea, Nick M, Megan Mc, Janice and Elmena. Thanks for supporting your team.

What a day for Nick Pryce setting new club records in the 400m (his first 400m of the year) with 48.7 (half second improvement on his own record) and the 100m with a 10.7. Both of these are also League Divisional records. He then went on to anchor both the 4x100m and the 4x400m relay teams to victory. In the 4x100m he teamed up with Kane, Luke F and Nick M and they got the closest I have seen to the club record for many years which was set back in 1987 when I was in the a pretty 43 year old. In the 4x400m it was Stuart, Fred and Kieran who ran with him and once again got very close to the club record set back in 1989. Well done guys.

Andrea also set a new W35 record in the 3000m with break Yvonne Parkers record set back in 2000 and Fiona Smith broke her own W50 Hammer record with 23.71m. Well done Andrea and Fiona.

Kieran High JumpThere were very many excellent performances, far too many to mention, but just a few interesting statistics about three performances. Kevins Discus throw of 48.79m is the second best M45 throw in the UK and he already has the best. Robs 1500m time of 4.18.3 puts him into second place in the M50 British rankings and he had a very sore Achilles. The 100m time of 13.2 in the 100m puts Fiona Ellis into 5th place in the W35 British rankings.

Finally a very, very special thanks to all our wonderful officials and helpers . Your support is invaluable.

All the best. John ( Winner of the prettiest Team Manager award for the tenth consecutive year)


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