On Saturday the club competed in the British Masters Road Relays in Sutton Park. With resources stretched to the limit due to other athletes competing at the season’s first senior T&F match three teams were entered.

For many of the athletes this was the first competitive outing since running the London Marathon. Despite tired legs there were some good performances and a good club turnout. The women’s 35 team provided the highlight finishing 12th with Andrea Deathridge and Kate McBrien both running very fast legs (the team was in 2nd place for some of the race!). The men’s 45 team finished 19th, whilst the men’s 35 team was one runner short. Race photos are available on Bryan Dale’s website here. The leg times are provided below.  

M35 Paul Terleski (17.06m); Colin McAuley (18.08m); Clive Hackforth (18.35m); David Bowen (18.41m); Simon Ralph (18.05m); Richard Lewis (20.59m); Subodh Dave (18.58m)

M45 Tony Hinchley (17.21m); Simon Corker (17.06m); Steve Marklew (17.46m); John Fletcher (19.07m); Robert Owen (24.54m); Paul Jenkins (20.05m)

W35 Andrea Deathridge (18.35m); Kate McBrien (18.28m); Suzanne Browne (23.19m); Carol Woodfield (23.42m)

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