Plantsbrook Session to Take Place Tonight as Normal

Even though it’s half term, we still have Plantsbrook’s sportshall 5.50 – 7.50pm tonight.  This is for the sprints group and anyone in Year 10 or below wishing to do Sportshall competitions.

No dogs allowed on site.

If anyone left a pair of glasses or a drinks bottle 2 weeks ago, it’s your last chance to claim them tonight. If they’re not claimed, I will assume someone at the school left them in the sportshall before we arrived.

Indoor Training at Plantsrook School on Tuesdays

On Tuesdays from tomorrow, Tony/Nikki/Paul/Meg’s group (and any other athletes taking part in the Sportshall League) will be training at Plantsbrook School, 5.50pm – 7.50pm.

Meet at the main school entrance & the caretaker (or 1 of us) will direct you to the sportshall. Please wear outdoor shoes & bring clean trainers with you as you won’t be allowed to take part if wearing outdoor footwear.

So you’ll need to bring: clean trainers, a still drink & £2.

A section of the Pay & Display car park opposite the school is reserved for those using the school, so park there for free.


‪RSCAC’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be on Tues 23/10 at 8pm at the clubhouse.

Members over 18 or junior members (accompanied) are welcome to attend.

AOB is to be raised in advance to Alex Buchanan. We are also keen to seek nominations of volunteers to join the club’s management committee.‬

The meeting will be followed by refreshments.

Time to vote for your Athletes’ Athlete

With Presentation Evening being less than a week away, it’s time to vote for this year’s Athletes’ Athlete.  Vote for your top 3 in the clubhouse tonight or Thursday, 6-8 pm. The award will be presented at Saturday’s Presentation Evening.

This is the award for someone dedicated to training, who trains hard and sets a good example to others. Coaches have had a difficult decision, picking just 2 nominees from each group.  The final 16 are:

Lucy Carey

Lewis Duval

Shaun Evans

Katie Ingle

Paul Jenkins

Tiffany Latham

Barry Lloyd

Isabel Male

Joe Martin

John O’Connor

Shem Nelson

Harrison North

Nicholas Pryce

Hannah Smith

Will Stead

Libby Turney

Good luck!